Friday, 28 June 2013

Wrappers updated to Occ version 6.5.5

Today I finished updating the wrappers to version 6.5.5. We decided to update to this version rather than 6.6.0 because the newest version has many changes and some issues that aren't yet resolved, with few bug fixes added from 6.5.5.

I started testing Naro and there are some issues that were fixed and some issues that we didn't have before. We can now display the parallel and perpendicular hinter images and spline editing works correctly, but there are problems when displaying text and coordinates:

Other tested features that work correctly:
* extrude and cut
* pipe
* array pattern
* circular pattern (with improvements for processing speed)
* 3D fillet on straight and curved edges (there seems to be an improvement in the way the edge is detected for complex shapes)
* boolean operations: fuse, intersect, substract
* translate 3D shapes
* dimension for line and circle
* 3D
* mirror point and mirror line
* adding constraints and solving the sketch

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