Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Updated tests

Today and yesterday I worked on improving the tests projects and cleaning up the code:
- removed the unused MetaAction classes and related tests
- updated the test methods that create regular shapes using clicks
- fixed the MetaAction tests (Sphere, Cone, Torus, Cylinder)
- reorganized the tests and fixed their names
- fixed a bug for the Three Point Rectangle
- replaced the setup code for the NaroSketchSolve tests - this allows us to correctly configure the ActionGraph and Document and run the Solver
- fixed a path bug that caused the NaroSketchSolve tests to crash
- removed some test methods that were duplicating existing tests

There are still some tests that need to be fixed, in the TreeData project, and we need to write more tests, as the tests we have now cover the creation of nodes and only a few of the possible cases.

The Tests projects status is:

Tomorrow I will fix a Hinter bug that is causing the Perpendicular hinter line to be wrongly displayed when working with 3D objects and continue fixing the tests.

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