Friday, 28 September 2012

Released NaroCAD 1.6.8 Beta

Today we made an important release version at Naro: NaroCAD 168. The main feature of this version is a new solver.

The constraints from scene are not displayed graphically yet, they currently can be seen with the Constraint Shapes tool from the Constraints tab. A constraint can be added or removed manually by the user with the Sketch Constraints tool.

Changes at 1.6.8:

Improved the existing Solver algorithm and added a new one
Replaced existing constraint error functions and added gradient functions
Added matrix and vector helper classes to simplify the Solver
Fixed circle constraints bugs
Fixed property grid editing for ellipse
Fixed tooltip display bug
Fixed floating point comparison bug
Refactored the Solver and constraints code and fixed dependency issues
Updated the constraints unit tests

You can download NaroCAD 1.6.8 here.

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