Tuesday, 31 May 2011

OCWrapper Replacement With PInvoke Version

NaroCAD had a surgical change based on the prototype was presented earlier. How will affect NaroCAD?
From user standpoint, will unlikely change it. The wrapper will be a bit smaller, but will make no change in rest.
From developper standpoint, will make possible to build the wrapper and to DEBUG it. The new wrapper also is using open (read: not WOK) build systems, based on XML to declare/expose the APIs, QMake as C++ project generator (even is not a Qt project). The XML parsing to read and expose APIs will make easier to work on long run.
Also, the imported parts are minimal parts we really use in NaroCAD. At the end there are two underlying final migration advantages: we can migrate right now from Visual Studio 2008 to 2010 with a recompilation of NaroCAD (without rebuilding C++ wrappers) and if all work, will be no extra issue. And we can go to 6.5 wrapper stubs in minutes by simply relinking and making easier to debug them, simplifying all runtime based problems we had previously with Visual C++.Net runtime.

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