Wednesday, 11 May 2011

NaroCAD 1.6.2 (Alpha) Released

NaroCAD gets new capabilities and big changes happen from inside.

This new version focuses on:
- Constraint automatic detection: so drawing perpendicular, parallel, middle of points will create automatically constraints with the SketchSolve based component. Circle/arc based were also added in default setup (yet are not detected automatically) so you can work with more constraint combinations
- a Fixed-Point constraint was done: this will fix the annoyances that a SketchSolve solution will mess your entire sketch.
- Sketch constraints are previewed (now only with line action) and shows texturing capabilities that will likely permit that more components will use in future this capability
- more sketch related unit tests/Boo scripts will work (fixes are still needed but as they are fixed, easier will be to test crashes and inconsistencies)
-it was investigated and a working OpenCascade 6.5 (ultimate upstream version) wrapper was done. Seems that behavior was changed to work with Opencascade so crashes are not from wrapping side (or should be minimalist) but from usage side. We don't support those wrappers but if someone wants a starting C#/.Net way to work with wrappers you're welcome to use them taking the source or the binaries from SVN repository

Download it from here.

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