Saturday, 23 April 2011

Solver Geometry Jumping and a Resharper tip

I did and I do work for a simple and smooth experience to work with a sketch solver. Anyway, as solution is applied real time, some solutions may not appear as obvious and the solver do some jumping. I did improve a little but are still corner cases when it still jumps and I did not found a simple use-case to reduce those cases. I will hope to find a proper solution but in the mean time I will improve in other ways the solver integration. (like I try to find a proper way to display visually the applied constraints, to not make user to navigate in tree or to select all combinations to see why some things are not moving because some constraints are applied).

Other thing I want to describe is that in my coding experience Resharper (no marketing intended, yet this software addon is one of the best I've found), had always some odd issues when is working with Visual Studio setup in Spanish (the language of my Windows + Visual Studio setup). This make me reticent every time I've upgraded that I will lose the keyboard mapping and was really odd to setup one by one key combination.
So the tip is the following: go to Herramientas->Opciones->Teclado, set as default: Visual C++ 6 as default shortcut mapping and after this go to Resharper->Options->Visual Studio Integration and apply the Visual Studio style. After this you will be able go use great shortcut integration that Resharper provides.

And let's not forget: Happy Easters for everyone! (for who celebrates it!)

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