Thursday, 14 April 2011

Sketch Hinter Work

Hinter NaroCAD component have some limitation and it work odd for a sketch based drawing:
- it practically have no high level information (and is really hard to achieve on complex shapes like a combination of results of different tooling). Sketch drawing works with much less shapes. For this reason a second point will likely become true:
- the hinter will be able to introduce constraints automatically for shapes that can take advantage of it. Also the hinter may know some specific interactions to handle them in a proper way. To be more precise: the hinter in the past was simply know that an edge was parallel with the previous two points. The new hinter will likely know that you want a line with another line to be parallel and will do the corresponding work for you. In the global hinter, dragging the radius of a circle will give to you likely erroneous hints like line parallelism, which is at best useless
- hinter will scale better: there will be no shape extraction logic, or a shape that is made of clone to simply pollute the entire scene with edges. If your sketch is unique, all the rest of scene will simply be ignored, so you will notice less clutter and will see it as working faster

So you, the reader, already grasp the ideas and utility of the sketch hinter and when implementation will take shape, I hope you will enjoy working with it!

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