Thursday, 28 April 2011

OpenCascade 6.5.0 wrapper work schedule

Built a final version of OpenCascade 6.5.0 wrappers and started investigating why Naro crashes with the new wrappers.

It seems that on 6.5.0 the installer doesn't set the environment variables anymore. Made a script that launches Naro in Visual Studio previously setting its environment variables.
Some crashes appear when opening and closing local contexts. Possibly something on OpenCascade functionality changed in this area.
Some crashes appear when selecting something. Made a sample movie for this case:

The crashes are not created by adding finalizers at all wrappers, I tested also with wrappers that don't have finalizers and the behaviour is the same. It seems to be generated by some changes on OCC. Investigating this issue will probably take time.

As on next week a Naro release is scheduled will save the wrappers work on this state and change the environment back to 6.3.0 to help at finishing the current release.
Will continue wrapper work after release.

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