Friday, 18 March 2011

Updater - Part VII

The updater is now mostly done. I added a few notification windows: if newer version are available and the appropriate update check boxes are checked, NaroCAD will show a window with the new features of the newer version and will give you the opportunity to update now, next time or never; the never option is not implemented yet, but it will only uncheck the update check boxes from options; After the main downloads are done, a small window will appear in the lower right side of your screen, telling you that the main downloads are completed; this window will automatically close in 5 seconds, and will not freeze NaroCAD, or do other nasty things. The last window that will bother you, will appear at the next NaroCAD restart, after the update has been successfully completed; as the last one, it will appear in the lower right side of the screen, and will close automatically
With this, the Updater is almost completed. The only things that need to be done are to implement the options from the first message box and to test it for any possible bugs.
The updater from the last release has a bigger problem than expected. If you want it to do nightly updates, you have to check both updater check boxes, and delete the "auxiliary' directory from NaroCAD. This problem only appears for nightly updates, but even so, it's not quite what I had expected.

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