Thursday, 31 March 2011

SketchSolve Infrastructure Implemented

SketchSolve is a great project and offers inherited capabilities for 2D shapes yet a translation in between NaroCAD logic and SketchSolve data are needed. So I've ported an unit-test (yet the easiest one) to make possible to work with those two components (NaroCAD's document structure and SketchSolve data).

In fact this code works with minimal code to include all existing SketchSolve in NaroCAD.
This code is also an internal working feature and we are team are thinking the way things will work integrated eventually at UI level.

This milestone is important as matches the most of refactors of NaroCAD were just in idea of separating the internal logic between sketch shapes to permit SketchSolve to operate.

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