Tuesday, 8 March 2011

NaroCAD 1.6.0 Released

NaroCAD team worked to improve in many areas and really notable features are:
- Updater: is much better than previous iterations: it have better consistency checks. You will use much less bandwidth, because it will download just necessary files, even for us, the versioning is made in a much smoother way. We will continue to make the updating experience as smooth as possible.
- Spline interpolated, Control point spline: they will work more precise and smooth than ever: you will see live how they are made, you are able to use command line to set precise coordinates, you can combine and split them with an intuitive way to do it: click on the points that are automatically computed to show to you where you can split those lines, and those splines will be cut accordingly
- Gizmo points are hinter aligned: gizmo will work more precise as hinter will automatically align with various geometry you will have around
- Edge intersection for horizontal, vertical lines: horizontal and vertical lines did not compute previously the intersection points, and right now they do and they do it in a correct way
- Fixed fillet/chamfer 2D: and you can use them in your designs. Another
- Angle between lines: if you have various lines in your scene and you want a precise drawing
- Hinter toolbar: user can enable with just one click point alignment, line continuation and so on. It is much faster and enjoyable to work!
- Redo tool: pressing Tilde key and if you have selected any tool, NaroCAD will switch automatically to the same shape/tool creation context.
- Customizable per action toolbar: so future actions (today Spline and Angle Between Lines are using it) may have specific customization without having a floating (sometimes modal) dialog box making it less intrusive and let you focus on design.

Interested? Download it from here.

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