Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Line Internal Changes

Line is changed to be expressed as reference to a shared net of points. AutoGroup/AutoFace is also disabled by default.
This will make really easy from internal logic point of view things like smarter common point dragging will make all shapes related to move, without any "constraint" logic and so on.
Also the code is made fairly simple by making that mostly the changes to go from:
builder[1].Point3D = Points[0];
var documentPointLinker = new DocumentPointLinker(_previewDocument);
var firstPointBuilder = documentPointLinker.GetPoint(Points[0]).Node;
builder[1].Reference = firstPointBuilder;

This will make automatically all "magic" to reference external points.
The external code that uses internal line structure, change minimalistic too, like from: axis.SetLocation(Dependency[3].TransformedPoint3D.GpPnt);

As user, you will see somelike this:

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