Sunday, 27 February 2011

Spline Tools Improvements

Split Spline is a new tool. It will preview the points you defined your spline so you can split in parts. Spline tools have a fast-access buttons (this view right under ribbon control) will make much faster to access without going to contextual spline menu over and over (you may try for example to define an interpolated spline, then try to split and then go back to interpolated spline and you will understand right away what I'm talking about :) ).
Interpolated Spline and Control Point spline have two small improvements:
- pressing shift for a point on a spline will delete it. This is useful if you made a point that was defined on a wrong coordinate and you don't want to remake it
- if you start dragging a point, you can insert the coordinate from command line, so you may can work right away and fix it later.
The editing component of spline is not yet finished, but expect more goodies in this area.

See a small demo here:

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