Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Smart Copy Tool

This tool isn't as simple as Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. The main idea is to create more copies of an object. We saw that the circular and array pattern create copies of an object that have a calculated location compared to the base shape. What if the copies are to be made at locations that do not correspond with any pattern? The idea is to copy a shape at any desired location with just one mouse click.
Copy works like this:
- The user presses the "Copy" button
- The user selects the shape to be copied
- The user selects the desired base point
- The user selects a location where the copy is to be made. The base point of the copy will become the selected location
- The user selects other locations where other copies are to be made
Be careful that this command does not end. Any given point will generate a copy of the desired object. The user can create as many copies as necessary. The base point is required, because NaroCAD needs it in order to calculate the translation vector (move the object from the base point to the given location). Without giving the base point, NaroCAD would have to use the pivot or the gravity center as default. I prefer not to use values that cannot be changed when making a new feature. This way, the user has enough control over the shapes that are to be copied. After selecting the base shape and the base point, the user just has to select the desired locations where the copy is to be made. At every mouse click, a new copy will be generated. In order to try out this tool, you can download the last nightly build from www.narocad.com, under the downloads section.

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