Tuesday, 1 February 2011

New Spline Code

Spline will have a new way of creation. The original spline used an equation that will add-up as much as many points are done. This is both imprecise and fairly unconventional. So the design worked to improve this are by making spline as defined in portions that are defined by two end points and two control points. This also scales better, as the old spline was limited to around 20 points, this one will get as many points you will throw to it, because the full spline is a chain of smaller splines. The implementation was mostly done from yesterday, but the work was done to define automatically good defaults for handlers, so you will have a precise spline with a clear preview. So, enjoy using it (is named Spline Path and is under the Spline drop down).
A handy tool is the measure tool: you will click between points and you will get the distance between them. It may be used to define distances between shapes without defining extra geometry in scene.

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