Wednesday, 16 February 2011

NaroCAD 1.5.7 Released

"Thinking in 2D": A lot of 2D related work was done inside NaroCAD codebase and you can enjoy it by downloading the last release (link bellow):
  • Added Ortho tool: Blocks drawing on horizontal vertical direction:
  • Added Trim tool: so you can make proper designs combining 2D shapes
  • Block plane tool: The user can block drawing on a specific plane: you can work without annoyances in any free form plane so you can make your designs to really work
  • Measurement tool: so you can see distances without actually creating geometry
  • Enhanced line tool: The line length can be inserted on command line.
  • Added spline path tool: is an enhanced spline, with fewer of "multi-point" spline. It is more precise and you will get more changes later.
  • Copy paste tool: combines copy paste with precision translate: so will make repetitive shape creation even nicer
  • Modify solver precision with scene zoom level: so the solver will feel both precise and useful
  • The solver returns the closest point, not the first solution found: making an "non-calibrated" solver to give relevant point that you may search
Download it from here.
We also ported (mostly, some bugs stop to make it even as a future prospect, but who knows, we welcome reviewing code) SketchSolve, and in case it will be finished, a full 2D solver, C# based may be a part of NaroCAD.

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