Thursday, 10 February 2011

Line Improvements

I've mostly fixed problems with Line tool handling in two kind of fixes:
- Line will not compute parallel line solver checks with points from previous line
- command line was fixed to handle custom "Unknown" type (previously command line was used to work with specifed types only) to make
In the last days I've converted line to line to C# SketchSolve. Anyway, there are some problems and that code works a lot with pointers/references and for this reason, the code does not work as it should. There may be little mistakes, but are enough to make this code to break. Most likely I do work on a copy when I should not, or vice-versa. If are any takers that need a full solver in 2D (with constraints) and want to be C# ready, please take a look to this project and try to spot where are the problems. The code include both code-bases in a project under: Lib\Install\Lib\NaroSketchSolve\NaroSketchSolve\. I'll put the code as LGPL, so if you will fix, please contribute back this source code but also you will be able later to put it under your project, even is comercial. If you are pleased with the original C only implementation, you may wrap it using P/Invoke, so you will not have any LGPL restriction, but will be hard to see where are problems and why. (The original code is under BSD) This project is also better written as is OOP, it mostly respect NaroCAD codestyle, (even will keep for now a lot of variables and names from original code), so you may find it easier to navigate than the original code.

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