Wednesday, 26 January 2011

NaroCAD 1.5.6 Released

- TreeView speed improvement for big scenes - all simple shapes will do minimal updates on tree view
- Boo script evaluator on property grid, command line - input is evaluated thought the Boo compiler making possible to use sine, cosine, operators, parentheses, and so on,
- Scene export as Boo script - to make transition to future versions and integrating with Boo code easier
- Linear pattern - an advanced yet simple to use pattern over a line
- Circular pattern - an advanced yet simple to rotate a shape and clone it over a line
Support for composed shapes from basic shapes - to make possible to make regular or shapes depending on other shapes easy
- Fixed mirror - solids will mirror nicely by using right OpenCascade code to do it
- Fixed color picker, solver hint positioning - so you will enjoy even more using NaroCAD

Download it from here.

Update: we have problems with SourceForge hosting so we put it on alternate link. Please refollow the download site and we will use NaroCAD site till SF will work back reliable.

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