Friday, 7 January 2011

NaroCAD 1.5.5 Released

NaroCAD 1.5.5 is released, or Solver done right release:
- added visual interface to manage plugins: in general is easier to add your interpreters and to make your plugins fly
- added zoom in out at current mouse position instead of scene center: it is much nicer and works as expected
- added import and export from/to naroxml: so you can reuse your work with other files you already work
- improved overall solver performance: we trace areas with problems and we compute many things in advance. When you will work with bigger scenes, you will feel that solver component is your friend, and not a foe
- improved solver to catch any point from scene under mouse not only the ones from current plane: so you will not need to trick solver to catch your needed planes
- add edge intersection magic points: it will give to you more points that you will likely use in your designs
- added text solver hints: that will say which kind of
- added spline editing handlers.
- at parallelism solver matching improved visual representation.
- added Quality of service implementation: slow solver functionality is detected and the user asked if he wants to disable it.
- improve the Solver to use document based drawing with undo/redo instead of self handling the drawing: his open possibility to make future solver displaying as complex as NaroCAD can draw
- fixed normal line tool and other areas (cut will take in account of visible layers)
- added restore layout functionality: so you will have fixed the last bugs in this area. You will work with your layout as you will wish

Download it from here.

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