Thursday, 13 January 2011

Fixed (Again) Nant Building

Visual Studio uses a build algorithm different from .Net standard one (named MSBuild) so Visual Studio may work if you will build with right click and build, but when you will want to make your NaroCAD automated build, you may notice issues that the build will fail with a WPF related error. I've pin down why the error appear, and I fixed putting the direct class name. Anyway this fix will likely will not stand for long as much as most people will still use Visual Studio/SharpDevelop. Another issue is that the command line will fail initially, but will generate the assembly so you can do more iterations until the build will pass.
So if you will find errors when you will try to launch the build script via nant tooling (under Lib\Install folder) and your build will give to you errors related with WPF/Xaml properties that are not found, just execute it once or twice and most likely the build will eventually pass. If you will just take the code from lordcip branch, you will not have issues, but anyway, if you will see those kind of build breakage, it will be nice to contact me and I will pin them down and fix them.

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