Monday, 17 January 2011

Boo Shapes Plugin (Part I)

I am working to make some "high level shapes" like the gear or a regular polygon as part of NaroCAD accessible via actions. This work is directed in two parts: to make at least as a sample how to integrate Boo shapes to NaroCAD, and to reuse as much code in a possible future library of Boo based shapes.
The first part may be more or less clear for developers, but in short is to make the code to implement an extra action of a boo based shape as short as possible.
The second part will not create a library before of release, but will provide a framework to make a Boo shape to explicitly show it's dependencies and those can be solved by two ways: via an action (like for every required point will give the coordinate) or via a dialog (think to property grid). As property grid in itself may be a bit big to handle in a stable way all cases (and some questions appaear if the action works on an external shape, as an action can be theoretically to change the selected shape transparency) may be implemented in subsequent releases.
But the separation between Action/Boo shapes will be in an explicit fashion (at least this is intended to do).
Out of the topic, the build will separate the unit tests assemblies of out final installer. So you may not ask yourself why moq,dll is a part of final installer and what it does there.

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