Monday, 24 January 2011

Boo-gfixes and updates

As my previous development was more or less related with Boo integration (and some other development, mostly on fixing) Samy found on usage some bugs and here are those fixes:
- Boo will have an option to evaluate (or not) your double based values. This will bring faster response time when you will input values (because to evaluate 5+5 will mostly imply a small class compilation)
- when Boo Gear was made some Boo compiler bugs were encountered which makes NaroCAD to take the version their Git. This made that the old Boo compiler version accepted a construct (that after review, I found that was a mistake) and the new version give correctly a compiler error. This affected using Export to Boo plugin so I've fixed this
- BooView for this very reason will not enable the Execute button when compiler error are pending. This will remove the annoyance and discomfort for people did not look down and make a small typo and will be bombarded with Boo messages. Anyway, if you're fast, you can still get them (like writing ; and go as fast as possible to Execute button before is disabled)
- solver's visual hints were bad placed, so I've found why: the TextOut method in OpenCascade API seems to not position them right on the coordinate, but is sensible also to the width/height factor, so this is fixed now :)

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