Sunday, 19 December 2010

Quality of Service Solver Changes

Probably this is a more confusing change than others, but will make a great deal when things work wrong. So what is it about: the point hinter (we name it solver) have sometimes a bad scalability performance, and the areas that are more sensible are: parallel line hinter, and the point hinter, but at any time, any of them can be expensive.
So internally NaroCAD will check frame per frame, when you move mouse around if the time to take is bigger than a time range (150 ms) threshold and if yes, will notify (kindly, will do it just once) you if you want to disable this component. This will make a great deal for people that do not know why NaroCAD works slow, and will solve at least for users that do designs where our hinter works too slow, to have to know why and to be able at the end to be able to have an easy fix for it.

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