Monday, 20 December 2010

Plugin Manager Tool

As I work on other areas (mostly on hinter), a visual tool for editing plugins was made. Why this tool is important? Because it makes more clear (even still need some polish) to you to write extensions and to register them just with some clicks. To be fair, you will need 4 clicks to enable 1 plugin you already have in the NaroCAD's exe folder: double click to start the application, a click to add in the plugin list and the final click to close the dialog. If is in another folder, it will be copied for you in the current folder so you can enable it right away.
As in this screenshot, there are 5 accessible plugins, the first three are in the default config, but one is disabled (NaroCAD.Plugin.Structural.Design), and the other two are fully out of config.
So as you will have an easier plugin registering, and less looking for config (auto_plugin.naro file) as you (for certain) try to write your plugin, you will have soon news on solver side.

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