Wednesday, 24 November 2010

WPF Docking Layout saves again

From Windows Forms times, NaroCAD was used to save it's layout, but moving to WPF made us to depend on components that become source incompatible (I say about AvalonDock from SharpDevelop project) as it compiles with .Net 4.0 (and NaroCAD uses .Net 3.5 SP1). But as it does not use many C# 4.0 features in this codebase (no dynamic and just here and there some default parameters), was easy to be "ported" to C# 3.0/.Net 3.5
When we used the version that compiles still with C# 3.0, we had no layout and crashes here and there. As for now they seem to be mostly gone. Also as the AvalonDock is (L)GPL!? we put the source-tree and changes under Lib folder in our source-tree, but is good if you need a good WPF docking library, and which also provides layouting save/restore, you may take this up-to-date version from our repository.

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