Friday, 19 November 2010

NaroCAD 1.5.3 Is Released

New version of NaroCAD is out!
But we cannot get forward without doing improvements and fixes. So gizmos did improve greately and work as expected: Rotate Gizmo works as easy as an iPod, similarly the scale gizmo is here as your friend. To pick the gizmo you want to operate, just go to the toolbar and the corresponding gizmo will do the expected operation to you. Transformations (mostly scale and rotate) will work as expected, and will use a .Net equivalent instead using OpenCascade one.

This code is easier to debug, and this also fixes bugs in this area (of combined transformations).
This release were done like a heart transplant: SCSF was removed meaning less dependencies and easier to handle codebase. Also in future you may expect that NaroCAD will work with multiple documents and fixes will be all around. Profiling was done to make sure that excluding the time of loading the referenced assemblies, you will not wait too long time doing your operations. The single speed limiter is mostly the OpenCascade code we depend on, but we have to make our code to run correctly, so we cannot improve that much. We will constantly profile NaroCAD to make sure that will not run too slow. Just to start, NaroCAD needs 75M of RAM, so you may run it with a low spec machine (XP SP3 with 256M or 512 M of RAM), so if you have a netbook, you may give it a try.

The code is cleaner also, as we use static checking and we track code-violations and not only. One contributor (Cyberdev) wants also to make sure that unit testing will cover the plugin area (and not only), so quality may improve even more in this area. The TwoPointsLinePlugin project is much more complete and some changes like possibility that a custom function defined from a plugin to be accessed from other places is possible from Boo scripting.

Our contributor Sami did show some hidden power of NaroCAD

So why not give it a try? More info and it from here...

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