Sunday, 14 November 2010

Fixes On Layers/Plugins/Input

Layers had pending some updating errors. They were mostly pinned down. There was also that the change make that TestingPlugin was not starting. Unit tests start again (they would not start on Windows 64 machines as wrappers are 32 bit).
The installer will fail with SCSF changes because NaroStarter, the watchdog program that starts and monitor the NaroCAD main process it was working with some SCSF specific files. This part of code was removed and everything is just fine.
Another part of code that was largely improved was that code with multiple switches will be
I've also did performance profiling and I've seen that most of time regarding operations may be propagation time, mostly when is involving boolean operations or cut, which appear to be slow on Opencascade level, so I did not found a very good way to improve it.
Talking about code again, I've did work also in those days in code improvement based on reporting of a tool (Resharper as presented here) As the project starts. the error count starts with around 5000. Before weekend it was like 850 to 900 errors Right now we have 595 issues based on this source reporter, from which 393 are unused symbols. This unused symbols may be just areas with code that is disabled or not finished or events that may be false positive (because they are solved using reflection) or UI fields that in old code were directly used and after some refactors are not used by name anymore. So as code goes with around 200 coding errors or missusages, is really a much better code base than was just 6 month ago.
The Fillet/Chamfer dialogs have some tweaks to look with a NaroCAD theme, which is good for eye, even is not necesary that useful.
I will focus more on bug fixing and performance issues, and there are some OpenCascade updating issues (I'm not sure which area of code cause them, but I want to work at least as it was before SCSF was removed).

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