Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Code Separation (Step Two)

Right now NaroCAD in my branch (lordcip) have separated code as two sections: application based components and document based inputs.
This will make possible in close future to have support for multiple documents. Tomorrow anyway I will focus as code restructuring was fairly big big change in more than 100 files.
The multi-document setup initially will be as multi-tab but some changes may need to be done like: mostly testing the document over actions like copy/paste, auto-save handling and so on (as for now it connect to just one document change), but as those bugs will be pinned down, it will make possible to make the multi-document experience smooth.

Update: I will make later the multi-document coding. This code separation also (mostly) removed SCSF (a Microsoft componentization framework) and uses only NaroCAD frameworks internally. Also those changes will make code less complex in event handling (previously a button event was sent to another SCSF code and after this was translated in an action/meta-action. This would make impossible to register (if future UI mapping will be done) without writing in previous code two level mapping (SCSF and ActionGraph one). Right now is possible just to launch the action.

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