Sunday, 28 November 2010

Changes In The Last Days

As our contributor CyberDev was diving in our source to write his plugin, he did found with his sharp eyes some code issues that were fixed in unit testing area. Also he did basic unit testing to plugins (and not only).
Layout is possible to be restored and to do so, you will have under Ribbon main menu (on the Ribbon "bubble") the option to Import restore default layout. This is also good to you if you break your layout. Anyway, you can override the DefaultNaroLayout.xml, so you can define your custom layout. This custom layout is saved when you close NaroCAD as: NaroLayout.xml. In future may be probably a management of layouts (but as far as I'm concerned, I would make a plugin frontend to not need to edit auto_plugin.naro, than to do a layout manager, anyway, contributions are welcome).
As transformations were fixed, one constraint (Edge on Edge) was disabled for some time and it is right now commited back. As for now it has some bugs (but they were were never found as transformations hide their bugs). Anyway, Most probably this tool will be fixed in all cases before the next released version, .
Staying on transformations, we found that Rectangle was working on scale/translate but had problems when a rotation is implied (the reason is that our rectangle keeps two points to define it, making easier to be drawn, for NaroCAD veterans, the rectangle sketch shape worked previously as a parallelogram, not as a rectangle, so there is a rectangle tool right now (if it will be fixed will also enter in the next release) that asks two points but store correctly three points internally.

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