Sunday, 31 October 2010

Some Other Bug Fixes

As delete operations did get some fixing, an annoying part of unit tests was that MessageBox calls are blocking UI, so you have to manually advance some unit tests, mostly in cases that they report an error. Right now will exist a NaroMessage class that will permit that makes message boxes to not block the UI in unit tests case, but still to block the UI in using NaroCAD.
Another change was separation at code level in PartModelling code in three: Controller code (the old PartModelling project), the UI code (like custom controls that are called from actions) and the Logic code, with the actions code. So developer can navigate more punctually to area that is interested, without navigating in the biggest assembly that was in NaroCAD project. This, combined with the separating the UI (mostly the ribbon) from the action code, will likely mean that you will easier spot problems in a specific smaller code.
All inputs that have big switches (mostly to handle notifications and to handle the data that was send from inputs), were also cleaned up and the selection of data is done internally by a SortedDictonary class.
Solver visibilitity works also over layers, so if you work with some layers and you hide them, the shapes attached to a specific layer will not show to you. More layer related fixes were done in the last days.
A performance related bug (that after you draw a complex shape, switching actions will be slow, as shape will regenerate) was also fixed. This took longer to be solved as I've got not an easy test to solve it. An unit test was added, so probably will be no performance regression in future. At least with this specific shape.
Cutting and selection from tree sometimes used to work wrong, and those problems were of the handling code around tree view. I've fixed both the way the tree selection was handled and the actions that were calling it to avoid caching values from the previous selections, so to appear that selection works, and also to make code to read late the selection from tree, this making not synchronized extrudes/cuts to happen. Hopefully those will fix problems in this area, but some extra testing may be done.
If you input in property grid values that makes your construction invalid (for example you will write a negative range for a circle), property grid will restore the previous value. This will mostly fix a lot of issues when trying to work with Fillet like operations where values may get invalid.
Unit testing is also green again. Was also fixed Solver related testing.

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