Friday, 22 October 2010

Bug Fixing

If you used NaroCAD in developer versions you may notice that the release builds give at exit an error dialog that popup because a crash was found. The good part is that it is a false positive because at exit, the logic that ask you to save the work you are doing will not cleanup NaroCAD nicely, even does not give any crash.
Another fix and improvement is that deleting shapes have a fairly complex unit test: a boolean operation is done, after this a mirror of this boolean is done, and at the end the first boolean is deleted. This triggers a chain deletion because the first shape deletes the shapes that is built on, without "noticing" that will make the mirrored boolean invalid, and makes both to be deleted. The logic is changed that deletion will work by the principle of garbage collector (we used previously this algorithm, and we have to cover the other test cases that will bring problems, mostly if you use shift+delete and the dialog that appears you will delete some shapes that are base for other shapes). The algorithm today will make impossible (or even possibly will crash) to remove those nodes. Anyway, this will be improved and if you will want to delete shapes that are referenced by other shapes, is easier just to delete the visible shapes, and all invisible shapes will disappear by themselves).
One another small fix is just that you cannot create a layer with the same name of an existing one. This will avoid confusion for you and make you use layers efficiently.

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