Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Visual Studio License Quirks

This is not necessarily related with NaroCAD but will help me to work with it. The reason may be explained in following lines.
As I've liked (and I still do, at least conceptually) the Delphi language (as an OOP Pascal dialect), I've bought a 1 year subscription license of Oxygene language, which is a .NET version of Delphi language. As the project was bought (relicensed) by Embarcadero, it gave to me a full Delphi Prism (first version) Edition which brings to me a VS Professional version setup just with Oxygene (now Delphi Prism) language.
Why this will helps me? As the dust was set, I just wanted to install it to make some toy coding. And I've discovered that my IDE which was just VS Standard edition, did achieve some Pro features, mostly the WPF/Xaml visual editing. As at that time the subscription of Oxygene costs me somelike 300 euros, and when I've bought the VS Standard with around the same price, it costs me much less than a VS Pro 2008 version which would cost me like 800 euros. In this money anyway I've bought a great tool (Resharper) which improves code quality by lively show code issues (which right now seem to be mostly from imported external components).
When NaroCAD will use VS 2010, and to not depend on SharpDevelop, I may have to look to other very limited Pro or Architect editions that will enable other low cost versions :)

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