Monday, 13 September 2010

Testing Infrastructure Expanded and Explained

Here is a visual description about where testing infrastructure was updated based on Boo power and not only.

The not so visible changes are visible in debug builds: the internal document visualization will not appear if not wanted. Another part is that all unit Lua unit tests were ported to Boo. This will mean richer error messages running the regular NUnit testing suite and will be checked before first line of tests will ever run. There was made a non blocking UI infrastructure, which makes that UI to not freeze and in future may have roles.

There are some bugs and wrong parts in dialogs. I want to make possible mostly that Editing Boo Scripts dialog to be able to write both full scripts (the single option available as for now) and regular scripts and to launch them accordingly. Also I want to make possible that the possible to launch full scripts as part of testing suite. This will make possible to run against NaroCAD complex cases, not just shape creation part, that Lua is capable.

Another small part, but this will be the smallest of all, I want to make a Pause/Resume unit testing and to adjust the speed. This will make sense from visual testing point of view: you will want an unit test suite to pass both as stability test and visually from NaroCAD's point of view.

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