Sunday, 5 September 2010

Other Small Fixes

Some problems were found and fixed in the last nightly build:
- multiple flickering of floating toolbar when in edit mode you clicked on a shape
- sphere and extrude was not respecting code rules, and was possible to make some problematic side effects (probably other meta actions are affected, I will look for this). Those coding rules are about which entities are modified. Anyway, saying this, any of those actions that do "break" the side effects, they do their own side-effects similar with the original design. So even if those fixes are not in place, the code will not have problems as for current code. But the problems may appear if a future tool will extract some live information (like editing tool, but in the time of running the metaAction) and the respecting "creating entity" is not setup right, so that tool cannot extract that information. I've made a small tool that will compute the bounding box lively to the shapes are created (have to be enabled specially in code), and can be tested visually if the code will change the corresponding objects.
- invalid opening of options file will not show to you like four or more times some annoying message boxes in a chain for every invalid value that could not be read. Anyway, those errors are logged and if the application will crash (not wanted, but it could happen), and will show this developer friendly information.

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