Thursday, 16 September 2010

NaroCAD 1.5.1 Released

NaroCAD did improve on bottom line greatly and it is as its code goes the most stable and hopefully a great foundation for future improvements. Quality of the principal emphasis on this build and it was seen as following:
- New testing framework: testing of NaroCAD can be done with low level tests (NUnit unit tests), with visual low level tests, scripting tests that can be launched inside NaroCAD
- Many fixes and code refactoring: the internal relations between components were greatly improved. In many ways things give less dependencies and a shorter, more concise code. This will likely positively impact not only in this release, but also in future release cases when a break of a component will break another components. Also most of NaroCAD's logic can be setup out of NaroCAD's internal assemblies and future work will be to be extended as plugins
- New tool was added: mirror plane but also were fixed selection bugs in previous mirror tools
- Lua replaced with Boo: why not to take advantage of a powerful .NET language? You will get syntax highlighting, live compilation, you can even activate your automation scripting to make complex shapes and to import your custom assemblies
- Improved unit tests: we are covering all basic shape creation and action switching making that NaroCAD will not crash. Anytime the nightly time is running, tests are running and we can see if break something. As the battery of tests will grow, the crash/wrong behavior cases will be out of NaroCAD.
- Reimplemented selection container: this will mean that floating toolbar will get extra information to take in account the face you are on and will give the correct information any time. This will solve a lot of bugs in this area.
- Improved drawing on scene, visual feedback: faces are highlighted with a dark line to be more visible
- Fixed editing on shapes: as it was broken for some time. This is also combined with new selection container, will give less problems to work with. The code was separated and will make possible to add arbitrary tools in the same editing framework.

Download it from here.

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