Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Added Boo View, Simpler Handling Code

Boo was added as default scripting engine in NaroCAD. It have equivalent features with Lua but it should be easier to use and as you have "live compiler", you will unlikely get very late errors when you run your code, but when you write it down. The testing suite scripts and some simple actions scripts are posted as samples. The action scripts may change in future, but most likely the script one, no.
As actions code goes, they have to consume data that the required input and pipes provides. Previously this consumption code was made with a big switch statement. Right now you have the possibility to write the inputs you want to handle and a handling function. This cleans up the code, but you can still override and make your custom handling. This custom handling can be used I think in cases with logging and at least for cases when code is not ported to the new way of cleaner code. On a similar note, the notification code have the same capabilities.

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