Friday, 27 August 2010

NaroCAD Updates

Thank you for people using NaroCAD and in case of crashes they report the problems on NaroCAD bug tracker automatically. We got it, NaroCAD have stability problems! And we try to address them.

NaroCAD did ongoing work to clean up the code in the most twisted areas and you will likely see a more stable NaroCAD and a much easier to have fixed its problems. Areas that will be improved will be the selection code (bxtrx is working on it) and better coverage by unit testing on basic functionality. Those changes will pay off in subsequent releases that will likely be more stable, or if a crash will occur to be covered by tests that are easier to be .
Another area that we want to improve is communication. Do you think that NaroCAD have to improve in an area, or you simply tried to build NaroCAD and fails on your machine? Do you want to make your icons, or to improve the help and you don't know how? Did you tried to make a shape and a bug, not necessarily a crash stopped you to finish your work? We want know kindly your opinion about it. You may write to email to mihaizzz @t yahoo_dot com or ciprian.mustiata @t gmail_dot com to say your concerns. Also, I will try, and depends on your time to be connected on IRC to on channel #narocad and to respond on more instant questions. This will hopefully make us to get better feedback and to you the application you will expect.

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