Thursday, 19 August 2010

Bug Fixing and A Small Unit Test

We do want to not give to you a NaroCAD that crashes at least and also we want to make the usage experience (more) pleasant. This iteration did improve the testing but also another areas. As of today I've did fixed some small annoyances mostly on the area of selection, sometimes Undo works just if you clicked on the second time (in Boolean operations tools and Spline shapes). Also I found that a small change in the file format did broke some things (mostly New File operation) and I've created an unit test that will try at least to check if the file format changes that are not handled, will make at least NaroCAD to not crash.
A nice-to-have fix of an annoyance is that if you cannot select nicely your shape in boolean operations, or on pipe tool, you can select them from tree.

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