Thursday, 22 July 2010

Improvements In Infrastructure and Code Quality

As wrappers did got just better, the code quality was also improved. Also we go to trigger down bug by bug in the floating toolbar code. Today the fixes appear if you draw your custom sketch shape and you just don't click on a face. This code makes Naro to crash but is fixed now.

If you know what Resharper is, we constantly use it to improve code quality and this mostly mean that you will get at least better formated code and that it is consistent over all codebase. In fact we got to under 1/6th issues from the original code, that was around 3 months ago. So if you will want a good to start codebase, you may give to NaroCAD a try, may worth it.

I will try to finish to add dimension tool to supported shapes and to improve the editing tools infrastructure to make easier to be added extra tools to model your shape from mouse.

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