Friday, 23 July 2010

Getting Toolbar Close to Finish

The floating toolbar is getting better and to an end. There are really some small issues remaining, but they will be addressed. One of them is that Paste button, when is not available will let a blank area around it.
Right now the toolbar will extrude the face your clicked on (or you can cut it).
Also a small improvement is that the Options dialog looks refreshed, this is done via a better graphics and better usability: instead adding an Undo/Redo button pair, there is a Defaults button, which for a specific page will setup the NaroCAD's defaults. This will make NaroCAD to have a stable profile in case that you feel that your setup is broken, is a good way to fix it.
The front icons were almost finished too, so you may enjoy a better out of the box look (at least for the default modeling tab).

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